Claim Services

When damage occurs please notify our company as soon as possible.

Then inform the official authorities calling about your loss. For example, the Traffic Police vehicle damage, such as fire brigade for fire damage. You can not get any or agency authorized to receive reports on your company cases, you must register with the authorities about attaching your related damage.

Additional documents may be requested when needed at after examination by the nature of the event.

Traffic / Vehicle Insurance Damage to the desired papers
• A photocopy of the policy
• Traffic accident incident report / Memorandum
• Damaged vehicle photos
• A photocopy of the license and insured vehicles on the cob
• Insured Statement
• Alcohol report

Documents to be requested in the Fire Damage
• Fire reports ,
• Damage photo,
• Meteorological reports (desired-high waters and flooding in storm damage)
police seizure of the vehicle or watercraft collision damage,
• Deed or lease,
• The declaration of the insured all documents relating to expenditure for the elimination of the damage,
•  Minutes of the police station in GLHK damage,
•  In contagion from neighbouring police report.

Documents to be requested in Personal Injury Claims
• The declaration of the insured,
• Official statements and minutes of manners,
• Crime scene investigation report,
• Alcohol report (required depending on the cause of damage),
• Fold doctors report stating that the treatment is finished (you will be prompted for the treatment demand),
• Bill for treatment originals (you will be prompted for the treatment demand),
• Indicates the ratio of disability committee report (required as disability),
• Post-mortem  examination and autopsy report (required in case of death),
• Def the license (required if death),
• Inheritance areas (if desired died),
• Examples of detailed population register (required if death),
• Document death (if death is desired).

Damage will be prompted for commodity papers in Transport
• Reserved minutes /Customs seizure of,
• Commodity bill,
• Bills of lading (waybill),
• Customs entry declaration,
• Czech list,
• Gangs list,
• Traffic seizure of,
• Declaration,
• Carrier protest letter,
• Delivery note,
• Manifesto (list of all goods that move the tool),
• Summary declaration-license-permit-minutes-damage bill-dispatch-moving-picture contract.

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