Professional Liability Insurance

Subject of Insurance
When the insured performs the occupational activity specified in the policy and delimited by the related parties with the issuing of this insurance contract,

• Only the amount specified in the contract against the claims which may arise against the insured within the term of the contract is given
• Against damages claimed during or after the indemnification period in accordance with the provisions of the liability arising out of the event occurring in the contract period or due to an event occurring before or during the contract.

The Parties may enter into contracts to include either (a) or (b), or they may contract to include both.

Geographical Limit of Insurance
This insurance is valid for occupational activities performed by the insured within the borders of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. However, the parties may decide that the insurance activities of the insured abroad shall also be covered by insurance.

The following cases are outside the scope of coverage:
• Indemnity claims arising from activities other than occupational activity which are determined by the policy and whose limits are determined by legal rules and ethical rules,
• Any events and behaviours deliberately caused by the insured during the performance of occupational activity,
• Events that occur as a result of alcohol, drugs, or narcotics being acted upon by the insured or people employed by the insured while performing the occupational activity specified in the policy.

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