Shipping Insurance

Damage that may be caused by the shipping of any goods from one place to another by any means is covered.
Coverage begins with the loading of the goods and ends with the arrival at the arrival place. Risks of loading, transporting, unloading, partially and / or completely theft may be included according to the supplementary premium and the type of the policy.

The following cases are outside the scope of coverage:
• Losses, damages or expenses which may be attributable to the wilful intent of the Insured,
• The usual flow of the insured item, the usual loss or weight of its weight or volume and the occurrence of tears (fire) and ruptures,
• Losses, damages and expenses incurred due to improper or inadequate packaging or insufficient preparedness and arrangement of the insured item,
• Losses, damages and expenses incurred due to the nature of the insured person’s own fault or nature,
• Near-delay losses, damages and expenses even if the insured caused delays and risks,
• Losses, damages and expenses incurred due to financial difficulties or challenges,
• Inconvenience of the vehicle to road and load,
• Strikes, lockouts, turmoil, public movements, malicious acts, terrorist and war risks unless included with supplementary coverage.

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